A consolidated experience and a qualified commercial structure, able to operate throughout the country, are at your disposal to suggest the best solution on your needs.

Setting up structures able to improve and make a profit of the outdoor spaces that you have at your disposal, is our mission. Harmonizing Kat Italia’s technical and design, in order to satisfy demand of a market in continuous evolution on taste and requirement.

Outdoor spaces, if usable, can give new impetus to your business, which means increasing visibility, qualify and distinction from other competitors.

A well-designed structure is your business card: it gives you the highest appreciation on comfort and hygiene. This allows you to manage your business in the profitable way regardless of climatic conditions, protecting your customers from weather and traffic smog.

Kat Italia builds structures designed to meet all the specifications required by the Municipal Technical Office and the Superintendence.

Materials used are selected for suitability to current regulations both HACCP and security. The variety of models, allows you to customize your outdoor space in a functional and pleasant way. Modular units are designed to permit pleasing compositions by matching together different models available.

Aesthetic and functional differences of the various structures are the result of our interlocutor’s specific needs.